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NASA - Poster - Acrylic - 24. Sunrise Arc (NIRCam Image) - James Webb Space Telescope


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Acrylic prints add depth and impact to any artwork.

This image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope of a massive galaxy cluster called WHL0137-08 contains the most strongly magnified galaxy known in the universe’s first billion years: the Sunrise Arc, and within that galaxy, the most distant star ever detected.

The star, nicknamed Earendel, was first discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope. Follow-up observations using Webb’s NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) reveals the star to be a massive B-type star more than twice as hot as our Sun, and about a million times more luminous.

Earendel is positioned along a wrinkle in spacetime that gives it extreme magnification, allowing it to emerge into view from its host galaxy, which appears as a red smear across the sky. The star is detectable only due to the combined power of human technology and nature via an effect called gravitational lensing.

In this image, the Sunrise Arc appears just below the diffraction spike at the 5 o’clock position. The fuzzier, white galaxies at the center of the image are part of the galaxy cluster bound together by gravity. The various redder, curved galaxies are background galaxies picked up by Webb’s sensitive mirror.

Science: Dan Coe (STScI/AURA for ESA, JHU), Brian Welch (NASA-GSFC, UMD)
Image Processing: Zolt G. Levay

Keywords: Deep Fields, Gravitational Lensing, Galaxy Clusters, Stars

High quality Acrylic Print. Reproduction based on original painting/image.

Characteristics / Material

Acrylic prints are light, shatterproof and resists temperature changes. By printing on Acryl the reproduction is enhanced and more intense.

  • Includes hanging kit with screws.
  • Screw hole: The center of the hole is positioned 14mm (0.55in) from each edge in each corner. One hole in each corner - regardless of format.
  • Screw hole diameter: 8mm (0.31in).
  • Diameter of the head of the screw: 15mm (0.6in).
  • Crystal clear 4mm acrylic prints.
  • Straight cut corners.

Shipping Information

  • Free Worldwide Shipping.
  • Produced locally near you where possible.
  • Expected delivery: 4-7 business days.
  • Acrylic prints are packaged with strong edges to protect the items.
  • In addition, we wrap the items in bubble wrap or kraft paper for additional protection.
  • They will be covered with a protective film on the face of the image, this film will vary in color depending upon supplier & it could be milky, green, or blue typically.
  • These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles, or a colored cast to a print/glass.