About us

On our website you will find reproductions of the unique gouache aviation artworks made by Thijs Postma. He is well-known for his many aviation paintings, books and articles published in aviation magazines. With his unique style of gouache painting he creates very detailed and historical accurate scenes. With decades of experience in painting, he has produced over 500 paintings. And now well into his 80s, he is still painting daily!

We find it our mission to share to the world this unique form of art. We know Thijs for over 40 years and that is why we started this website, to disclose his art for everyone to enjoy. All of the products online are selected by Thijs Postma. All the paintings are carefully positioned and cropped, and the prints are produced on high quality posters. Customer satisfaction is number one! If you have any questions or requests, please email us at: info@tpaviationart.com

You can find more information about him on his personal website, where you can also find more information regarding his latest book about his life and paintings: www.thijspostmaaviation.nl. He also makes bespoke paintings. He has some original physical gouache paintings for sale too.