Thijs Postma - Poster - Fokker USA F.10 Glendale Los Angeles Poster Only TP Aviation Art 50x70 cm / 20x28″

Our story

On our website you will find reproductions of the unique gouache aviation artworks made by Thijs Postma. He is well-known for his many aviation paintings, books and articles published in aviation magazines. With his unique style of gouache painting he creates very detailed and historical accurate scenes. With decades of experience in painting, he has produced over 500 paintings. And now well into his 80s, he is still painting daily!

We find it our mission to share to the world this unique form of art. We know Thijs for over 40 years and that is why we started this website, to disclose his art for everyone to enjoy. All of the products online are selected by Thijs Postma. All the paintings are carefully positioned and cropped, and the prints are produced on high quality posters. Customer satisfaction is number one! If you have any questions or requests, please email us at:

You can find more information about him on his personal website, where you can also find more information regarding his latest book about his life and paintings: He also makes bespoke paintings. He has some original physical gouache paintings for sale too.

Thijs Postma - Poster - Lockheed Electra II At Schiphol With Viscount And Super Constellation Poster Only TP Aviation Art 40x60 cm / 16x24″

Our mission

Our mission is to provide aviation art posters that serve as visual masterpieces, seamlessly blending artistic brilliance and meticulously researched historical accuracy. With a focus on capturing the essence of each aircraft's design and showcasing its significant role in aviation history, our posters aim to inspire and educate. Whether displayed in homes, offices, or aviation-themed establishments, our artwork acts as an invigorating centerpiece, sparking conversations and fueling imagination. We are dedicated to sharing the awe-inspiring world of aviation, honoring its remarkable achievements, and fostering a deep appreciation for its enduring legacy.

  • Thijs Postma

    Thijs Postma is the artist of almost all paintings exclusively found on this website. He has crafted over 500 paintings. And now well into his 80s, he is still painting daily!

    His personal website 
  • Etienne Boeziek

    Etienne loves aviation and travelling. He knows Thijs for over 40 years. Etienne manages this website, the content, marketing and helps customers with every query that they have.

  • Diana Boeziek

    Diana loves travelling and is an experienced online marketer and content creator. She writes most of the blogs found on this website and creates online content for our social channels too.


What is gouache?

Gouache is a water based paint made of natural pigments and known for its opaque character, meaning it covers the surface fully. A benefit of gouache is that it dries quickly as water evaporates faster than oil. As it dries into the paper, it gives the painting a matte look.

Where does the word gouache come from?

The word gouache comes from the Italian word guazzo, which literally translates as "mud". This refers to oil painting on a tempura base in the 16th century. In the 18th century it became known in France as "gouache" and referred to water based paint.

How long does it take to create a painting?

A painting it can easily take up 40 hours of labour. Thijs Postma puts in dozens of hours in creating each painting by hand as well as countless hours of research into the historic facts around the airplane and scenery. He has personally built up an enormous archive of historical information on almost every aircraft ever built as well as scenery at the time.


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