Why Do We Need A Calendar In Our Lives

Why Do We Need A Calendar In Our Lives

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time for what you want to do? Lacking time leads to stress, anxiety and fatigue. You can avoid being part of that, with one simple tool: a calendar. It's very simple, right? 

A calendar can change your life in many ways, but I'll be talking about the five most important ones.

1. It helps you prioritize

Which tasks add value to our lives and which ones don't? Putting tasks on the calendar makes us choose what we want to spend our time on. This allows us to make time for what's really important to us and filter out the rest.

2. It helps us to stay on track

I'm guilty as we speak about procrastination. Do you also have struggled with procrastination? The solution is pretty simple: a calendar.

A calendar helps us to eliminate the excuses and gets us to work. To get the best results we need to set a specific date and time aside for every task we want to accomplish.

3. It makes planning easier

I love making travel plans, but I hate to schedule other activities like doctor's appointments. But just the act of making an appointment helps to set a date and time aside for a specific activity. This strategy works the same as planning a holiday trip. You don't leave something up to chance, you take it serious and assign time for it.

4. It helps to simplify decision making

You have to write your tasks / goals on the calendar in a little square. Why is the square so small? Because you need to make a decision of what is absolutely crucial to you. You need to be realistic and using a calendar might make you realize that not all the goals you have in mind need to be finished in one single day.

5. It makes us happier :)

Scheduling things is especially noteworthy in these strange times, because putting the future into a perpetual holding pattern is tough on mental health. Uncertainty is upsetting. Studies show that it makes us feel powerless and stresses us out. But when we make plans and put pen to paper, that helps us to clear our minds and organise our thoughts.

The science of happiness says that you should keep on planning trips, having dreams, keeping dates and attending all kind of events that bring wings to our lives.

Last but not least: Your time and attention are your most valuable resources, don't let them go.

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