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Thijs Postma - Original Painting - MiG-15 And F-86 Sabre In Korea

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The original painting by Thijs Postma of a MiG-15 Battling in Korea.

The MiG-15 was one of the first successful jet fighters to incorporate swept wings to achieve high transonic speeds. In combat over Korea, it outperformed the straight-winged jet fighters of the coalition.

Soon the North American F.86 Sabre with similar swept-wings appeared to counter it.

On September 21, 1953 a North Korean pilot Lt. No Kum-Sok escaped to Kimpo Air Base, unaware of the $100,000 reward the Americans promised to any pilot who delivered an intact MiG-15.

This original gouache comes in an aluminum frame size 80cm x 60cm with glass and a passepartout.


Materials used

  • 850 grams Arches aquarelle carton.
  • Winsor & Newton designer's gouache.
  • Kolinsky marter brushes.

Shipping Information

This is the original and only copy Thijs Postma created by hand.

The painting can be picked up at Thijs Postma's place near Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. He can sign it on the back with a message for you too.