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Gloster Gladiator Over Malta Shooting Down An Italian Plane by Thijs Postma with Metal Frame


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See this Gloster Gladiator defending the island of Malta against the Italians in the Second World War. The Gloster Gladiator was built in the 1930s and was the last biplane to be build. It was actually only retired in the early 1950s. This plane, the N5519 was named Charity by the Maltese and fought valiantly with its sisters Hope and Faith, mainly against the Italian Air Force. These planes were stored on the island and hastily assembled when the war came in 1940. Initially they were the only defence against Italian bombers. The Gladiators stayed in service in the Middle East until May 1942.

High quality poster with an aluminum frame. Reproduction of original gouache painting by Thijs Postma.

Eigenschappen / Materiaal

  • Museum kwaliteit poster gemaakt op duurzaam mat archief papier (ongecoat).
  • Dit posterpapier is geler (gebroken wit) omdat er tijdens de productie geen optische witmakers worden gebruikt.
  • Papier is 250 gram/m2.
  • Een mooi aluminium frame / lijst.
  • Frame is licht van gewicht en 1-2cm dik.
  • Onbreekbaar, transparant plexiglas.
  • Inclusief ophangset om zowel staand als liggend op te hangen.
  • Voor muur decoratie binnen, bijvoorbeeld woonkamer, slaapkamer, kantoor, bedrijfspand, gang, hangaar, hotelkamer of bed & breakfast.

Verzend Informatie

  • Free shipping.
  • Expected delivery: 3-5 workdays.
  • Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster and frame.
  • The frame and poster are delivered together. The poster is not mounted in the frame.

Ophang Instructies

How Do I Mount A Poster Into The Frame?

  1. Remove packaging from the frame and locate the small metal tabs on the back of the frame.
  2. Bend the tabs through 90º.
  3. Once all the tabs have been lifted out of the way, the rear of the frame can be removed and the picture inserted into the frame. Replace the back of the frame and bend the tabs back down to hold the frame in position.