Tutorial: Step By Step On How To Hang Art Without Nails

Tutorial: Step By Step On How To Hang Art Without Nails

Do you want to create a gallery wall, neatly and efficiently without damaging your walls?
Follow this tutorial on how to hang art without nails to help you create the gallery wall you always wanted. 

Tutorial how to hang art without nails

Preparation time:

  • 30 minutes

Total time: 

  • 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Easy

Estimated costs:

  • With 5x posters: € 549.75
    • 1 poster with gold frame 60x80
    • 1 poster only 50x50
    • 1 poster only 45x60
    • 2 poster only 40x50
  • Without posters, only the 5x 3M command hanging strips: ca USD 40 


  • Level
  • Scissors


  • Aviation art posters or your own pictures
  • 3M command hanging strips
  • Painter's paper 
  • Painter's tape

Step 1. Gather your posters and frames

The first step is to gather your posters and frames or other artwork you want to use.
If you are looking for new ones or inspiration check our new arrivals. But if you already have a few posters in your house, B&B or hotel use them.
It helps to have a theme; in this case our theme will be aviation art by Thijs Postma.

Step 2. Arranging the collection

Now that you have the posters and frames, it's time to arrange them.
The easiest way I have found is to lay the artwork on the floor and arrange there.
Move pieces around, add or take away until you are happy with the layout.
Take a picture of your layout just in case something gets moved.
Then walk away and come back later. Look at your layout with a fresh look and see if you still like it. If not, rearrange or remove the pieces you don't want to have.

Step 3. Creating the templates

Use your painter's paper to create a sketch of the layout, including measurements and number each item, then cut out the template.
Once everything is cut out, use the painter's tape to attach the templates to the wall in the layout you already have chosen.

Step 4. Hanging art without nails 

Using the 3M command picture strips to attach the frames to the wall by replacing the template one by one. Follow the instructions as provided on the 3M package.

I hope this tutorial helps you making an art gallery at home without damaging your walls.

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