How To Keep Your Art In The Best Conditions

How To Keep Your Art In The Best Conditions

Knowing how to keep your art in the best conditions is one of the wisest things you will ever do, especially if you plan to continue collecting and investing in art. 

These are the best ways to protect your art

1. Avoid or limit direct sunlight

Exposure to intense sunlight can drain the color from almost anything, including your favourite aviation art Poster, Canva, Aluminum or Brushed Aluminum artwork. 

Avoid hanging your artwork anywhere where it will receive regular doses of direct sunlight. If you need some ideas how to hang your aviation art check our post about this subject.

2. Keep your aviation art away from humidity

The amount of water in the air can have a huge impact on the artwork. Make sure to monitor the humidity level in your home, office or wherever your aviation art is hanging. Keep the humidity around 55%. 

3. Frame your art with acrylic plexiglass, not glass

Make sure that your art is framed with a UV filtering acrylic panel rather than glass. This kind of panel is lighter than glass and it will protect your art from fading or yellowing in direct sunlight.

4. Keep your acrylic panel clean

When cleaning your acrylic panel always use a soft non-abrasive cloth or a microfiber towel. 

5. Dust but please don't clean your Brushed aluminum artwork 

If you have a unique painting on Brushed aluminum and not behind any glass or acrylic, please don't use any cleaner or solvents on the surface. Instead, just lightly dust off the artwork with a soft feather duster. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you will maintain the original appearances of your beautiful aviation artworks. 

Please feel free to share your maintenance tips with us :)

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