7 Tips On How To Hang Aviation Art In Every Room

7 Tips On How To Hang Aviation Art In Every Room

Are you an aviation art lover and do you want to know how to hang your aviation artwork in a way that effectively shows off your piece of art and feels balanced in your home? If your answer is YES, don't miss these 7 tips from the best interior designers about hanging aviation art in every room of your house without stress or design knowledge.

 1. Balance is the key

When hanging aviation art striving for balance is key, because every room requires a different strategy to create balance. To give you an idea, visualize a room with a large window on one side and a large piece of art on the other side. The large piece of art is in balance with the window in a symmetrical way. Try to get this result in your room.

2. Buy uniform frames

Matching frames is a strategy that many interior designers use to hang art and aviation art is not an exception. If you have many kinds of aviation art and you want to bring them together to one master piece, our advise is to buy uniform frames, like metal or wood.

3. Create your own gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to hang many pieces of aviation art. Be creative and feel free to experiment with different layouts. It's a good idea to test your arrangements on the floor before reaching for the hammer and nails. 

4. Display your collection without looking cluttered

Don't be afraid to show off your entire collection of aviation art. The most important thing is to make it personal and 100% yours. Try to sort your art by color, type, scene or artist.

5. Set your aviation art in the spotlights

Install gallery lights to highlight the most important art pieces. Light will add an air of importance to your aviation art, as can be seen by museums around the world.  

6. Hang artwork at the right height

As a general rule, art should be hung at eye level, for example in airport lounges where you are sitting and relaxing, art should be hung at the eye level of sitting while in a hallway it should be hung at the eye level while standing. 

7. Embracing the unexpected

There are many ways to display your aviation art. It can be placed on shelves, rest on the floor, lean against the wall or hang upside down. The sky is the limit in how you can display your art.

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